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Master Kush

Primary called High-Rise, Master Kush was urbanized in one of the tall buildings of south Amsterdam. Right away the coffee shops fell in love with this individual new metalloid. Through well-liked insist, this Hindu Kush/ skunk hybrid was stabilized and marketed. It has been a typical ever as. A physically powerful plant of average tallness and bushiness, Master Kush is a serious creator with soil, hydro, and has immense conservatory results. The plain smell of Master Kush is physically powerful and the burn is soft.

Master Kush is a serious cannabis creator with soil, hydro, and has immense conservatory consequences. The plain stink of Master Kush is strong and the burn is even.

This light-green tinted bud has dim forest-green foliage protruding and is enclosed in long hairs that variety in color from brilliant orange to approximately white (mostly strawberry-blonde). The smell is sweet and citrus with green bio-y undertones. The flavor, however, is astonishingly mild for this rather strong-scented bud. It almost doesn't even have a taste as well the universal burnt bud (brown) taste.

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