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Chronic Weed

The word chronic, in pothead terms, has a lot of definitions. And none are as famous as the marijuana kind it points to. Constant weed is one of the bulk well-liked types of dank weed in run. Nearly every serious smoker has tried this stuff. And until now, it is tied to their definitions of high-quality wild plant. So, if you desire to take pleasure in that ever-familiar taste and a additional than polite elevated, Chronic Weed should be your option.

Exceptional Yield and Aroma
chronic weed is characterized by its huge yield and stimulating aroma. If full-grown correctly, the herb can pack an enormous 600 grams of crop. It has a great innermost bud, in which the twigs and leaves are linked, that is ready for effortless ill-gotten gains come harvesting period. During the high point period, it starts emitting a restrained flowery bouquet that could whet your desire for greens on or after the get go.
Lipsmackingly Good

given its reliable flavor, chronic weed was noticed by award-giving bodies, en road to a 3rd place come to an end in the 1994 Cannabis Cup. It is most excellent enjoyed when rolled in a combined or mixed with brownies. Man, you’d in no doubt be acquainted with that you’re smoking the high-quality stuff, once its smoke streams quietly into your mouth.
Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: 350 – 600 grams
Type: a mix of indica and sativa
THC level: medium

Buy Chronic Weed

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